Adlive is a transparent, brand safe, programmatic video platform

for advertisers and publishers.


Exclusive access to a private list of premium publishers

Unique inventory available only through Adlive.

Premium targeted audiences to connect with across multiple platforms

This ensures better reach and produces stronger ad results

Higher Viewability, Completion and Engagement Rates

Increase the ROI of your programmatic video campaigns

Your ads are shown to the right audiences and in the right context

Your content is always showing up ‘on brand’

Direct integrations between media buyers and publishers

More transparency and reduced commissions and tech fees

Get video that can scale and enjoy both higher revenues and better user experience

⬤ Access to premium and unique video content

Deliver a better user experience and earn higher revenues

⬤ Powerful and customizable player

Plug and Play video player for your video content and video ads

⬤ Increase your advertising revenue

Access direct campaigns from premium advertisers

⬤ Semantic targeting for more profitable campaigns

Advanced cookieless targeting and audience segments

⬤ Direct Integrations with all major DSPs and SSPs

No intermediaries, more transparency and better rates

Get access to the most powerful

& and relevant content to connect

with your audience

Produced or licensed content to boost engagement 

A cost-effective solution to video production and access to premium video inventory

 File hosting & management

A simplified way to deal with adtech complexity

Distribute content 

Deliver compelling content in brand relevant ways


Branded Player all technologies /
different formats

Semantic targeting

Unified auction (header bidding to maximize the yield open auction or private)




Get a higher CPM with private marketplace deals Grow your positioning organically with on brand markets using our premium video campaigns

Access new buyers with
better buying opportunities

Traditional sales team to sell your direct campaigns just don’t work.
That’s why we connect with buyers as you would in the open marketplace and maintain programmatic
efficiency while working to minimize both costs and risks.

Cut the middleman – direct
integration with agencies

Control your revenue & inventory