Your Programmatic
Advertising at scale

Adlive Live Bid provides sophisticated publishers with an advanced

bidder giving access to a large scale demand from major partners.


Painless setup

Live Bid integrates with your existing client-side setup without a single line of code to push.


Demand at scale

Publishers can add large scale demand to their existing prebid.js integrations and access a unified reporting.


Live Bid is agnostic

Live Bid takes no media fees from any stakeholder, demand reflects the real value of the inventory.

Connect the demand partners you need

Adlive Live Bid gives publisher access to demand matching their individual needs. This specific approach improves reach, transparency, and efficiency.


Billions of ad requests from the major Exchanges and SSPs.


Out-Stream and In-stream video formats supported


Unique direct demand from major native specialists

Adtech that works for you

Live Bid product suite allows Publishers to quickly deploy best-in-class header bidding tech stack to manage complex ad ops without writing a single line of code.

  • Keep your existing ad tech stack and access a large scale demand from major partners.
  • Monetize every niche audience and inventory at the best price
  • Manage private deals to drive your revenue
  • Monetize your display, video and native inventory
  • A dedicated “Appy” team you can count on.

Cut the middleman

Adlive Live Bid provides publishers with an easy header bidding stack to access direct demand sources with no intermediary and no media fees to pay. You can take control of your inventory monetization and focus on driving your revenus with the best partners.

9 reasons why

Immediate Setup

Adlive Full HB wrapper allows pub-
lishers to quickly setup an enterprise-level header bidding technology to boost their revenue.

We are agnostic, no media fees

Pay only the flat fees for the technol-
ogy licence and don’t worry about
manipulated bids.


Easily connect to any major demand
sources from the UI.

More than display ads

Unlock the full potential of your prop-
erty by monetizing your display,
video and native inventory.

More partners, more revenue

Forget page latency and demand
partners restriction

Adlive Analytics

Real-time enterprise-level business
analytics to drive your revenue.

Optimized user syncing

Near client-side match rates thanks
to AdliveSync proprietary syncing

Stay in control

Your setup, your ad server, your floors, your rules.

Extraordinary Team

We build relationships with publishers and engage with them